The Clan you Dread.

Welcome to TheDreadClan!

Hello everyone. My name is Bradley, but you can call me Berd! This is my website, and you are on the home page! You can check out our forums and such if you would like to get in touch, or if you would like to submit your own videos to put on the channel!

Firstly, we do have a schedule over on our YouTube channel, which i will link below.

Mondays: Q&A
Tuesdays: Random Video
Wednesdays: Random Video
Thursdays: Lets Play Episode
Fridays: Stream or Lets Play Episode
Saturday (Nights): Stream
Sunday: Random Video and Stream

Now, this is our schedule, but if something gets in the way then we'll have to stop and wait a little while. Sometimes I won't be at my PC, so I can't upload videos. But, if we do miss videos, we'll try and update you by posting lots of videos in a bundle at once, or if we are on time we will do 2 a day!

I hope you guys enjoy the channel, and enjoy the website! See you soon!

- Berd

My YouTube Channel!

If you would like to submit a form/application on getting a little cameo in one of our videos, or even being part of TheDreadClan, you can go to the forums and check out our applications sections!

Click here for easy access!

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