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You will have to include all the details below to make sure you have the right requirments for our channel. Please consider the following:

Name: (To know who you are)

Date Of Birth: (To know if you're in the right age limits for the channel)

All IGN's: (So we can add you and see what your game experience is like)

Why you would like to be part of our channel: (Explain why you would like to enter the channel)

Would you like a full time or part time?: (This means will you post frequently on the channel, or would you post over a couple of days?)

Please give us some information about yourself: (This is just for your personal use, but we also want to know what you're like. Experiences with Gaming or Video Editing, and why if you consider yourself a good gamer.)

Please tell us why we should upload your videos to our channel: (Just explain why you want to be part of the channel)

Finally, tell us other YouTube channels you watch, we may be able to get a partnership: (If you tell us YouTubers you watch, we might be able to contact them and get the channel big, this helps us and yourself!)

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